Pioneer Punk Zine #3


пионер third issue 1981/2021

Early this year HOK stumbled upon an old dustbin containing unpublished punk art stuff from 40 years ago. Raw material for a punk zine called ПИОНЕР (PIONEER), of which only two issues were brought out by the end of 1980, early 1981. Poetry, artworks, a diary, and other assorted contributions by punk artist for a zine that now finally sees the light of day. The earlier issues of PIONEER presented work by the Jam, the Cure, Patrik Fitzgerald, and more. Now, after no less than 40 years in the making, HOK brings out the new PIONEER, which has morphed into a veritable time capsule from 1981. A punk zine as it supposed to be, but with the typical HOK flavor of Riso printing and gadgets and all. Adele Bertei of the Contortions is on the front cover of the zine, with wonderous foresight launching the 80’s incarnation of PIONEER to the future world. Further, this third issue of the zine has contributions by among others the Raincoats, Zyklon-B, Section XXV, and some Cramps-related niceties. For U2’s Bono fans it is worth mentioning that the zine contains a unique Bono sandwich bag. Ready to use or for keeping.


ПИОНЕР, third issue
Edition of 100. Stencilprinted by Stencilwerck.